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About Me

Hi, I’m Kelsey!

I’m a mum of 2 and I live in Nelson, NZ. I started making and testing items back in early 2020 and I launched later on in November! I have always been a lover of handmade goods, yummy scented candles and self care - I wanted to pick up a hobby which I loved, I longed for that separation from mum life and wanted to do things I enjoyed for the sake of my mental health, I’m sure a lot of you other mums in business can relate, as stressful as it is I just needed it!

I take pride in being as eco friendly as I can be, all packaging is able to be recycled, reused or has already been reused by me to package your order.

I love knowing exactly what’s in products that I make and use and I can say that all items are thoroughly loved in my own household and by my friends and family. My collection of fragrances are mostly custom scents I have made myself by blending fragrance oils (these are phthalate free) together so they can be unique to my business.

I use wooden wicks as I find they disperse the fragrance so well, these are sourced sustainably and I loooove the super relaxing crackle they make as they burn. Other candles I make like the 3D range and jar candles have cotton wicks that do not contain lead or zinc and don’t put off anything armful into the air we breathe, so you can enjoy your lovely candles without inhaling any nasties.

I do take a lot of custom orders and I also like challenges and bringing YOUR ideas to life, whether you’re after something funny (I have some R18 molds for candles and melts), specific coloured 3D candles to suit your branding, items for goodie bags, thank you gifts, gifts with purchase for your business, if you’re after scents that aren’t on my normal scent lists or even just custom labels and vessels. I have also made a few candles for PR send outs to influencers which has been a dream come true showcasing my products. If this interests you, feel free to checkout my wholesale tab or send me an email over at

Thank you for reading, and thank you for shopping local within our beautiful country!