Couriers are currently expecting delays of up to 3 days in some regions, please allow some time for your order to get to you!


What wax do you use?
I use a range of different waxes depending on the product I am creating. I use NZ yellow beeswax from right here in Wakefield, Tasman. I also use a deluxe blend of natural soy along with premium Cocosoy! Very soon I’ll be introducing Coconut & Apricot wax into the range.

Why beeswax? 
Beeswax burns slower so you can enjoy your candle for longer, meaning that you really get the most out of them. It has the most beautiful yellow colouring. It is non toxic, clean burning, renewable and can also help to purify the air as they burn as it can produce negative ions.
Our little bee friends do a lot of flying and nectar collecting, and the wax colour and scent can vary depending on the season as well, just like it can with honey!

Do you do made to order?
Yes! The new coconut and apricot wax blend in the new Rainbow collection are all made to order. I can also do wholesale to fit your requirements and budget.
Also, if you have a container lying around that you would like to be filled with wax to use as a centrepiece, that can be arranged, scented or unscented. Email me over at if you have any questions or if you would like a quote, I would love to help you out!

What wicks do you use?
They are made of pure cotton with a paper core and a paper braid that runs through the wick. I have done my own testing to make sure the right wick is being used for each candle I have made. They contain no lead or zinc and are designed to 'self trim', by bending at the tip while burning. But please remember to trim your wick to 6mm before lighting your candle each time to prevent mushrooming, soot falling into your candle. This also helps keep the flame smaller so your candle burns slower, and is safer. But keep away from draughts, curtains and any other hazards that could catch fire.
I also use wooden wicks in a majority of my range now as I find them to be super aesthetically pleasing, I love the subtle crackle as they burn, and they absorb fragrance really well which allows maximum scent dispersion when burning.
Wooden wicks still need to be trimmed before lighting too, I usually just pinch off the burnt ends with my fingers. For cotton wicks I use a wick trimmer, but you can also use scissors or nail clippers.

Why does my candle with a wooden wick keep going out?
This is unfortunately more common than you would think! For best results, you really need to keep the lighter held to the wooden wick when lighting it for a wee while to really get the flame started, I recommend 10-15 seconds or until you can see that the whole wick is lit. Be careful when holding your candle on an angle when doing so as melted wax may run down. If it begins to smoulder or keeps going out, carefully blow it out and use a paper towel to soak up some of the melted wax around it. 

Why has my candle discoloured?
You may notice that your soy candles can discolour to be quite yellow or even brown after the first few burns, this is particularly common with candles that have Vanilla notes. This is due to the vanillin content in the fragrance oils. Please note that this is not a fault with the candle, wax or fragrance, it's just how some of the fragrance formulations can react during the cooling process after burning the candle. Some tins also can rust on the inside, this is also because of the vanillin content and/or summer humidity, just so you are aware it could happen to your tin candles.

How long can I burn my candle for?
No more than 3 hours at a time.
To ensure you get the best and even burn, the candle needs to be lit for long enough so that the wax melt pool can reach the sides of the container which reduces tunnelling for future burns, as candles have a memory, this can sometimes take up to 3 hours. Tunnelling can also be climate/weather dependent. In the cooler months it may happen more than in the warmer months. Stop burning your candle when about 1cm of wax remains in the bottom and never burn lower than this. If tunnelling occurs, there are ways that you can fix it! Feel free to message me if you want some tips.

What do you recommend for burning instructions?
Each candle does have a sticker on the bottom with safety instructions.
Keep your candles out of any direct sunlight/warm areas as the low melt point can cause it to soften quickly and coloured candles will fade from the sun.

Are some of the candles stronger smelling than others?
Absolutely. This all depends on the fragrance itself and your own personal preference. If you have questions about the strengths of any I have, please don't hesitate to ask and I can let you know what will be best for you. Feel free to let me know if you’re local to me in Nelson and if you’d like to pop in and smell some! I also have sample packs available.

Another note on scent strength; candle size matters! A small candle in a sample tin will not be able to fill a large room with a strong fragrance like a larger candle can. 

Do you courier orders? 
It is an option at check out. For convenience, if you live local to me, I offer free pick up! And your pick up email will contain all the important info. 
Postage is NZ only at this stage, and is $9 for urban and $14 for rural, tracked through NZ Post.
If you are from out of NZ and would like to place an order, feel free to get in touch with me and I can give you a postage quote.
Nelson only customers can get $5 shipping!

How long is your processing time?
Please keep in mind that I am a Mum, and I’m pretty busy 24/7. I try to keep my promise of having orders sent within the week of being placed! I keep my work days to Mondays and Thursdays, and orders are packed on these days only and maybe on the weekends if I have some spare time. If there are delays (for example, sick kids, if I have an influx of orders from a sale etc.) I will email you to let you know if there are significant delays. Shipping delays are pretty crazy since the Covid pandemic began as courier companies are working at max, but you should still receive your order within 5 days of being collected from me by the courier.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the scent I have purchased?
I do not offer refunds if it is not what you are after/change of mind so please pick carefully and I have scent notes listed in the product descriptions. Exchanges can be arranged if your candle is still in brand new condition, but I don’t cover the cost of postage to send it back to me (and please contact me first before sending back). If your candle arrives damaged, items are missing or there are any other faults with your order, please contact me so I can resolve this for you quickly.

I have finished my candle, what can I do? 
For the tins and jars: Fill the tin with boiling water from the jug to the line on the inside and wait for it to cool fully (even overnight) Remove the wax once it has hardened on the top (you can break this up to use in your wax burners too or just pop it in the bin), tip out the water, and you can use isopropyl alcohol on a paper towel to wipe the rest out. The sticky adhesive from the bottom of the wick tab should have also softened in the water and be easy to remove as well. You can reuse these tins for anything at all! They are great for travel, storing jewellery or even hiding lollies.

Feel free to get in touch with me and you can return them also, and I can give you a refill for a discount, or simply return to me so I can refill them to reuse or resell.