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100ml Reed Diffusers

100ml Reed Diffusers

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These are made to order - select your fragrance choice from the options in the list! More coming soon.


Reed diffusers are perfect for those of you who don’t use candles or melts. With daily reed flipping, you should get around 4+ months of beautiful fragrance from your diffusers.

Remove the cap and insert the reeds.

Place in a high traffic area to encourage fragrance circulation, flip reeds daily for strong scent dispersion.

Keep away from kids and pets, where it may be knocked over.

Flammable contents - keep away from open flame and keep out of direct sunlight.

You may notice that the contents can discolour, this is a normal occurrence for most diffuser liquids due to the nature of the oils oxidising.

Wipe up any spillages immediately if they happen, to prevent damage to surfaces - I recommend placing your diffuser on a decorative tray, just in case!